The Brains Behind MILLU

Advisory Board

Our advisory board speaks wisdom into our product development, business management, and strategic alliances. They are incredibly diverse in skillset and industry and bring MILLU credibility.

Bob Zalk

Disney Imagineer for 30+ years, Professor at Biola University

Andrew Feng

International Nonprofit and Social Impact Leader

Emily Timmer

Multidisciplinary Filmmaker, Documentarian, and Artist

Riya Plam

Art Director, Design Strategist

Sarah Caleb

Mindset Coach, Mental Health Consultant

Christina Bacino

Cognitive Behavior Coach

Kristen Ho

Behavioral Analyst

Parent Board

Who better to get feedback from than parents themselves?! Our parents are passionate about building healthy family dynamics and have beta-tested our products since Day 1.

Hannah Choi & Family

Mama, Cycle Breaker, Wordle Enthusiast

Yorks Family

Parent of 3, Life Mentors, Business Coaching

Whitlock Family

Parent of 2, Entrepreneur, Pastor and Thought-Leader

Kang Family

Elderly Lawyer, Doctor of Pharmacy and Professor of Medicine

The MILLU Team

Comprised of passionate Gen Z and Millennial creators, our team is uniquely qualified to bring you MILLU. We are the bridge between childhood and parenthood. We work closely with our parent and advisory boards and together, we create an intergenerational feedback loop spanning 7 decades.

Sena Lee

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

A creative problem solver in love with human-centered design and creating solutions that impact culture. Sena is a business strategist with global efforts, leading international training schools that helped shape her view on the human journey.

Sarah Hartono

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Marketer and designer passionate about redemptive entrepreneurship and healthy life rhythms. Sarah loves being knowledgeable about Gen Z trends, trying the new food spots in town, and playing on her Nintendo Switch.

Esther Yuwono

Supply Chain & Operations Manager

Esther enjoys traveling and crafting. She believes that involving 'play' in everything she does is the key to a growing and fulfilling life.

Clarice Phan

Marketing Manager

Clarice is a third year at Biola University studying elementary education. She enjoys playing with kids all day and has a passion for child development!

Shirleen Ahn

Lead Product Designer

A graphic designer and illustrator who loves coffee, movies, and music. She finds joy within the process of creating.

Sydney Lam

Product Marketing Manager

An adventurous free-spirit who entertains several creative outlets such as branding, graphic T’s, interior design, and artsy passion projects. Sydney aspires to use her talents to connect with fellow artists to shape the next generation of creators.

Brenda Nikales

Research and Development

Brenda is passionate about handing the baton to the next generation. She seeks to create healthy spaces where families and their children thrive. In her spare time, she loves to adventure on a coffee-shop hunt.

Madeleine Prater

Senior Writer

Passionate about building up the next generation, Madeleine cultivates her craft of communication by writing, storytelling, and teaching. She enjoys good conversation, rainy days with a homemade latte, and a delightful book.

Alyse Mgrdichian

Brand Development Writer

A book-lover with a passion for storytelling and its potential to better the human experience.

Esther Kim

Lead UX/UI Designer

UX/UI enthusiast who loves food, traveling and plants. She strives to use design to make a positive impact on the world.

Abby Kirchmeier

Junior Designer

A dedicated designer passionate about making information accessible through design. Abby loves dogs, keeping up with world news, and playing with kiddos!

Danny Wu

Head of Finance

Obsessed with working with numbers, Danny enjoys uncovering stories in data and using it to drive decision-making. In his spare time he likes to make pour over coffee and learn new jump-rope tricks.