Immersive quality time for families to play, heal, and grow together.

Our kits are designed to set the foundation for resilience, growth mindset, and critical thinking—skills needed for the leaders of the future.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Be Empowered

MILLU boils down complex child development research into our easy Adult Guides. Read first for tips to help you play with confidence and ease.

2. Discuss Deeply

Be guided by the SuperCrew in a comic-style adventure! This Adventure Booklet creates safe space for impactful conversations with your child. 

3. Play Purposefully

Follow the cues in your Adventure Booklet to pause for games, crafts, and play. This is where kids really have a blast! Everything you need is included in the kit.

Welcome to our first kit,

The Uniqueverse

—where what makes you quirky, special, and different is actually your superpower!


Hours of Play


Crafts & Activities



What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger? The top answer to this question?

“I wish I hadn’t changed myself to fit in with the crowd.”

Our Uniqueverse Kit is designed to help kids and adults identify their unique strengths, grow in them, and affirm the uniqueness of others.

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MILLU Kits are different.

We actually prefer the term "unique" 😉.

Designed for Kids AND Adults

MILLU kits engage kids and adults alike, bringing out the inner child in everyone. Exchange worlds with one another in a not-awkward way!

Gamifying DEEP Conversations

Creating safe spaces for conversations is essential for a child's growth. Our kits boost confidence, aid emotional growth, and improve communication. is made fun. It doesn’t have to be boring.

Learn about the research thesis of our kits here.

Co-created with Experts AND Families

Did you know that we create our kits with our MILLU community? Our MILLU makers include therapists, educators, industry leaders, and everyday families.

MILLU Kits were developed out of 2 different "growing up" stories.

Learn about our founders' backgrounds and how MILLU started.

Kids AND Parents love us:

“I loved the conversation that was guided, the way we affirmed each other, and how it all wrapped up.”-- Laura O., San Francisco

"When my daughter was asked what her favorite toy was, she said, 'We have the box that helps you know who you are.'" — Christy Johnson, Cincinnati

"When an issue of comparison came up, we were able to reference the kit's story to remind her of her uniqueness." — Lori Roddam, Colorado

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Meet our Co-Creators:
Our MILLU Makers

Each kit is inspired by the Golden Question, "What is something you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger?". We take these rich answers and turn them into kits with our expert, parent, and kids boards. From play therapists, to Disney Imagineers, to amazing kids and the parents who love them, we're grateful to be building with and for our community.

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Meet our Co-Creators:
Our MILLU Makers

MILLU Makers get first access to beta test our kit and help give crucial product development feedback. Once accepted, MILLU Makers get exclusive merch, access to the founding team, and more. Come help us reconnect the world with those who will shape its future.

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