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Thriving youth through deep conversations

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Vital life topics for the next generation


Social Skills

Our kit is designed to deeply enrich and develop social skills for children through interactive activities and stories.



We believe that growth begins with the inner-self. MILLU provides applicable exercises for children to learn about emotional health and regulation. 

Holding Hands

Positive Peer

By embracing their own uniqueness,
children will learn to identify the superpowers of themselves and others!

MILLU Box Open

Join Slo the Sloth and the SuperCrew in

The Uniqueverse

Where quirks, differences, and uniqueness are superpowers!

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Crafts, games, and discussion questions



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Kids and parents love MILLU

“I loved the conversation that was guided, the way we affirmed each other, and how it all wrapped up.” - Laura O. California
“When an issue of comparison came up, we were able to reference the kit's story to remind her of her uniqueness.” - Lorri R. Colorado
“When my daughter was asked what her favorite toy was, she said, 'We have the box that helps you know who you are.” - Christy J. Ohio