Your Uniqueness is your Superpower!

Our immersive kits are perfect for children to engage in character forming stories and activities as a group.

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Our Mission

We exist to spark the curiosity and confidence of the next generation by building up kids’ identity, interpersonal skills, and relationships. That’s why we touch vital life topics designed with insights across generations from educators, therapists, parents, to industry leaders.

Learning Made Fun

Learning should be FUN! Diving into vital life topics is best when it’s easy, simple, and fun for children. This is why we combined an immersive story and interactive activities to activate a child’s superpowers (i.e. what makes them unique). MILLU provides all the necessary materials, tips, and extended activities beyond the kit.

Building Healthy Foundations 

Our kits help children build foundational healthy mental habits. We bring up topics of emotional regulation, growth mindset and teamwork to help support a child’s emotional wellness. Learn more about how our product is rooted in neuroplasticity research

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“So my daughter did an “interview” with somebody studying childhood psychology and one of the questions was: “what's your favorite thing to do with your family?” and she said ”we have this box that helps you know who you are”

Christy Johnson

Mother of three

"I learned about my students more during this activity than the past 2-3 months I’ve known them. All the classwork we do together only focuses on academics, while this helps me get to know them on a deeper level."

Johann Malasig


Our variety of advisors

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