Thank you!

We're so grateful to have you in our MILLU Maker Crew! We couldn't do this without the support and love of our community! We can't wait to see/hear about your time in the UNIQUEVERSE with your little ones.

Here are some ways you can help us share this with the world!

1. Post the pictures of your time together on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram and tag us @MILLUbox with the hashtag #MILLUBOX.

2. Share about out kickstarter on your social page or with a friend by linking this site: UNIQUEVERSE Kickstarter.

Our kickstarter campaign will launch 3/1/22 and run through 4/9/2 , with exclusive MILLU merch and deals.

3. Send us your feedback! We would love to build with you because your feedback is important to us. We are continuously trying to improve and better the user experience to bring value to our famlies! You insight matters. Send us an email at

4. If you know of any strategic partners whether in business, child development or production, we would love to connect with them.

Thank you for co-creating with us!

Here's to creating healthy flourishing families, one play at a time.